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I Can Make You Slim

GET THIN FROM WITHIN. A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM LIKE NO OTHER. Let’s face it most diets don’t work and who want to pop pills and drink shakes all day? Finally a program where you actually get to enjoy eating food while still keeping the weight off. Eat and feel good!

NOW it's your turn. No more dieting, pills or starvation.  This revolutionary European weight loss system that has helped millions lose weight by using Hypnosis and changing how you think about food is now finally here.

See yourself, feel yourself and hear yourself getting slimmer. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have that can enable you to achieve just about anything you desire. Change the way you think about food and your body will respond accordingly.

Whatever you have experienced to this day, the memory of whatever you have smelled, tasted, touched, seen and heard is held in your subconscious mind. Sometimes we mindlessly eat out of boredom, stress, anxiety, when we are around other people or even as a source of comfort these thought patterns have been created and an eating habit is formed. Eating is 90% emotional. 

Change your thoughts, change your life

Weight loss the easy way. Here is the formula... Incorporate mind, body and spirit and allow your body to let go of the fat on its own. Losing weight is a whole body issue. The mind is controlled by your thoughts. Think you are gaining weight and getting fatter and you will. Before you know it, shedding weight become a losing battle as your body responds accordingly. So the first thing you have to do is change how you think of the food you eat. You will learn conscious eating. So take your time, eat when you are hungry,  you can eat whatever you want, but enjoy and savour your food.
Trying to follow a diet to lose weight puts the body into “starvation mode” and whatever little you eat will most likely be stored by the body bringing back all the weight you lost and then some. Using this unique method of hypnosis the thought patterns are changed where the body follows what you suggest it to do. This weight release program uses hypnosis where positive suggestions are sent to your subconscious mind easily and effectively ensuring that your mind and body work together to achieve your goal of weight loss. Suggestions that allow the body to follow through with shedding the pounds, letting go of fat, increasing your metabolism, to bring about more energy and increase your self confidence. You will good about yourself inside and out.

Because you choose to join this program, A FREE CD will be given to you to keep and listen to whenever you like. This will continue to keep your weight off for good.

Whatever you choose for yourself becomes a reality

Success stories

Losing weight was depressing for me because even though I would lose weight on the different programs I tried,  I always seemed somehow gain it back again.  I just couldn't keep the weight off. I couldn't understand why I did this.  It made me sad and angry with myself. Sofana explained my emotional attachment to food. After our sessions,  I began to feel differently  about food. Sofana got me to feel more in control and get in touch with my body, to follow my body's signals.  I can even eat whatever I like, but I eat only when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Before I used to eat all the time and eat too much without realizing it.  So far I have lost 20lbs, have managed to keep it off. My goal is lose 50lbs and I am confident I can do it!  Sofana, your sincerity and warmth with which you display in your sessions just made me wish if only I had seen you sooner. I loved the way you made me feel, that I am worth it, that I am doing this for me. I am on my way to losing more and feel so much happier and energized. For me this is a big achievement. Thank you Sofana

– Sheila M.
Toronto. Ontario

After spending thousands on different diet programs I was desperate, my self esteem and confidence were at an all time low.  Slightly sceptical and this being my last resort I decided to give hypnosis a try. Why was I not losing weight even though I barely ate? Sofana explained how the mind and body are connected. I began to understand how my thoughts are making things happen. The sessions were relaxing and empowering at the same time. I began losing weight but it was how I felt after the sessions  that was really wonderful. I  felt "happier" emotionally and felt better about myself for the first time in years.

– A.  Symthe
Whitby. Ontario

When I first heard about hypnosis it was from a friend who quit smoking. I was curious so thought I should try it. On this program I couldn't believe I could actually eat whatever I wanted. I laugh now because I was afraid to try it!  Although the weight loss is gradual I don't feel deprived or upset.  I love the cd,  it keeps me calm and focused. Thank you.

– Amber
Toronto. Ontario.

Yes! Eat whatever you want...enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Know this...You are precious and deserve the best

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