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Success Stories

On November 16,2008 I met Sofana for the first of two sessions to help me quit smoking. I had been a pretty heavy smoker for about 33 years. During those years I made many attempts to quit. My most recent efforts were in 2001 with Zyban. I was on Zyban for 5 months and managed to cut down to 5 cigarettes per day until I was faced with a particularly challenging situation and found myself back up to a full pack within a few days. When I tried it again after a few months later the medication had no effect. Then in 2005, I thought that training for a marathon could be just the motivation I needed to quit. I would want to run to the finish line a healthy non smoker. Didn't happen, I did manage to crawl to the finish but the best I could do was to cut back to 12 a day. Within the week I was back up to a full pack again.  Now 2 months after our first session with Sofana I am still smoke free. It's a small miracle! Thank you, Sofana!

– Marie de Sousa
Toronto. Ontario

It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I loved it!
Sofana Kassam helped both me and my daughter tremendously. She is a great councillor and hypnotherapist. She created instant rapport and it was very easy to talk to her. My daughter was suffering from migraines for 5 years - trying preventive medication and psychotherapy with no result. After only 7 sessions my daughter is headache free and going to school every day. Sofana also helped me to get control over my life, to be a strong and confident person and enjoy life every day.

– Margaret Medina
Mississauga. Ontario

My body was producing too much iron and this was serious as it could cause my organs to shut down over a period of time. I had to have blood transfusions every two weeks but I had a fear of needles and would have done anything to avoid this. Whenever the nurses would get the needle ready I would cry and really protest! I couldn't go through this every two weeks and was dreading it each time.  I contacted Sofana and in 2 sessions I was no longer afraid of needles. The nurses were so surprised! They asked me why I wasn't complaining and  making a fuss. I said "I went to see a hypnotist!"   Sofana then worked on bringing about balance of iron in my body. When I went for a check up the doctor could not believe it.  He said in all his years of practice he has never seen anything like it and called it  a medical miracle! The iron was normal. 
Sofana , it was incredible how you brought health and balance in my body so quickly.
 I have no words to thank you

– Alexia Warden
Mississauga. Ontario.

I had breast cancer and now left with no choice but to undergo a mastectomy. I was emotional, anxious and worried. Not sure what to do I decided to see Sofana. She was very gentle and understanding in her approach and helped me prepare for this.  Sofana helped me see the positive on such a negative situation. On the day of surgery, I was surprisingly calm during the entire process.  The surgery was successful and I recovered sooner than expected.  I was so glad I saw Sofana before my surgery it made a huge difference.  I recommend her for her services.

– Eileen S.
Toronto Ontario

I had Chronic Depression and was feeling sad all the time. With hypnotherapy, the changes were gradual and subtle but I left each session feeling better about myself.  I did enjoy our sessions together, you are warm, caring and easy to talk to. Thank you for everything.

– Doreen Kerwick
Brampton. Ontario

I am a high school student and suffer from anxiety, and was extremely stressed for my upcoming exams. I was a bit sceptical if hypnosis would help me, but at this point I was desperate. Sofana helped me visualize exactly how I wanted my exam to go. She then went over some memory techniques, and gave me a few tricks on how to stay relaxed. At the end of the session, I had an overall sense of calm, and was not worried at all. The next day was the exam, and as I went over my notes, I realized I was remembering everything! I felt prepared and confident.  And when time came to take the exam, I was in disbelief at how easy everything was! But not only that, the exam went EXACTLY how I visualized it! Right down to the questions I had pictured to be on the test! And as I was taking it, my anxiety was replaced by a sense of peace and serenity. I was not stressed at all! I couldn't believe how well it all went, and I ended up getting one of the top marks in the class! Everyone was asking me how I managed to do so well on such a hard exam, but I just smiled and said, it's a study secret. ;)

– Top of my class!
Brampton Ontario/p>

I was afraid that my drinking would get out of control so I thought hypnotherapy would help. I am now able to able to stay with one glass when I feel like it, but also left the session feeling  a sense of worth and with confidence. You made me feel so good!

– L. L.
Mississauga. Ontario

Sofana helped me with a couple of problems I had by hypnotising me. It has been a couple of months and I am still "cured". I highly recommend her services.

– Donna Carson
Brampton, Ontario

 I suffered from anxiety and used to get panic attacks. Hypnosis helped me feel more in control and remain calm in situations.  I am impressed with how relaxed and at ease I now feel. Thanks to Sofana, I am so much better now.

– Jen Wright
Toronto. Ontario

My experience with Sofana was amazing. This was the first time I had tried to be hypnotized but felt confident that it would work for me, as my mom quit smoking using hypnosis after only one session. This was a miracle to me, as my mother smoked for 30 years, and tried everything to quit. And to just quit, after one session, I was a believer!
 I met for three hypnosis sessions with Sofana, all within a week of my delivery date. Sofana helped me to understand how hypnosis is a powerful tool for pain management. I wanted to have a relaxing, self managed labour. I had a lot of fears from my first birth, as I was induced with a vacuum delivery that was extremely painful and left me determined to have a better birth experience.
Throughout the three sessions, Sofana and I worked on my fears, including pain management throughout labour. I was able to use my own hand to touch my stomach, and say 'no pain' and literally the pain from the contractions would vanish. Throughout my contractions, I was able to drift to my 'happy place', where I was having a wonderful day in the ocean, instead of thinking about my contractions. I actually stayed at home until contractions were only 2 minutes apart. My dear husband even had an afternoon nap as I laboured in a quiet space with a candle burning and deep in relaxation mode. When I did arrive at the hospital, they announced that I was already 10 c.m. dilated! This was incredible as I accomplished what I set out to do! 
In addition to pain management, Sofana and I worked on my concerns over breast feeding. I was not able to breast feed my first born, and I wanted to so badly. I worked to envision the baby latching on and connecting with my baby. Well, my baby and I have had a wonderful experience with breast feeding! We've had no problems, with is amazing considering my previous experience. I know that your mind is so powerful and when you think positive thoughts, you can make things happen. Sofana gave me that confidence to believe and understand the power that I have within me.
Sofana was so kind and listened to everything I had to say. She worked with me to give me an incredible birth experience. I highly recommend using hypnosis with Sofana. She helped me more than words can say.

– L. Dawn

Without a doubt that the decision to try hypnosis was the best one I made. It changed me in such a positive way and so worth it. In the beginning I didn't think anything was going to happen but I actually received the promotion I wanted and increased my income 120%! Sometimes I cannot believe it myself!

– Leonard W.
Port Credit. Ontario.

I have tried to quit smoking many a times, some successful some not, but have always had the urge to go back to smoking taunting me from within. It usually won and I went back to smoking.  I heard many stories about Hypnotherapy and happened to come across Sofana Kassam and decided to give it a try.   To my amazement, and to others close to me, I have QUIT SMOKING.  Not only quit but quit with a calmness and relaxed feeling never before felt by myself or by others around me.   I was not aggressive, angry, or had the feeling of edginess that one would have after five espresso's.  I am calm and no back of the mind feeling to give smoking a try. So far it has only been a week with no smoking, but there is no thought in my vision to ever take up smoking again.  Thank you Sofana for taking the time to hear me and help me with my concern.   I will always remember that you have helped me QUIT SMOKING.

– Paul Bucchanan
Brampton. Ontario.

 I used to chew tobacco. My health as well as my social life was being affected. I thought hypnosis would help. Sofana got me to get rid of this habit very quickly!

– Zach R.
Toronto. Ontario

I wasn't satisfied with my income and wanted to make more money.  During our sessions Sofana taught me some techniques to use in the workplace. My sales were increasing and finally I was heading in the right direction. Changes at my work place just started to happen!  I actually look forward to going to work now. What a difference!

– T.C.
Toronto. Ontario

Trying hypnotherapy was the best thing I did for myself. I wanted to overcome a past relationship and move on but  just could not let go of the feeling.  Sofana was able to help me feel so much better and the session was very freeing and empowering. I highly recommend this session for anyone wanting to ease the emotional pain.  I have told my friends about you. Thank you so much.

– Lisa Mareilli
Oakville. Ontario

I had a fear of public speaking.  With a simple technique, I am now comfortable around people and in meetings. If I even get the slightest fear, I just know how to control it  and make it fade away immediately.
Thank you.

– P. L.
Kitchener. Ontario

I started seeing Sofana back in July 2010 for self confidence issues and instantly we sparked a connection. Immediately, I fell in love with her joyous loving spirit. The issues I was dealing with were a lack of confidence which was coming from my music career going off course and I kept hitting dead ends which weighed on my esteem even more. My situation was getting so desperate that I couldn't even sing a note or have the desire to listen to music because it hurt too much that things weren't going as I had planned. Music has always been my first love so this was very devastating and out of character for me. I was implored with strong feelings of self-rejection and and not wanting to pursue music out of my fear of failure. After my sessions with Sofana I have not only built up my courage and desire to pursue music again but I also feel hope, invincible and very certain about my talent and have a positive outlook on life altogether. I also worked on wealth attraction with Sofana and I am more than convinced that the money flow that keeps coming to me is a product of our sessions together. I was laid off in July and have more money now than I did when I was working. I am so grateful to have met Sofana for not only helping me through a very tough period but also gaining a genuine friend who really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed and be happy. Moreover, I have recommended her to some friends who also feel the same. Sofana is a gem of a person and I feel blessed to have met her. 

– P.Nayar
Mississauga. Ontario.

I quit cold turkey few years ago but recently went back to smoking a pack a day. That's when I decided to try hypnosis. It's been 1 month since I've seen Sofana and am still not smoking.  Thank you for making me believe I could do it!

– P. Hughes.
Milton. Ontario

Sofana helped me overcome anger and frustration. Today, even under stressful conditions at the office, I feel in control and am able to handle situations calmly.  Changing my perspective, I am now able to put a positive spin on any negative situation.

– Peter M.
Barrie. Ontario

I had recently come out of a bad relationship, and was tired of waiting for the right person. I wanted to attract the "perfect mate" and on a whim decided to try hypnosis... Let's just say, it worked! ;)

– Nicole Larrington

Our relationship was being affected. I had low self esteem and intimacy was at an all time low with my new girlfriend. A couple of sessions and Sofana helped me find out what was causing my problem. I am glad to say, things are back to normal now. Thank you

– Mississauga. Ontario

I've been divorced for a while now, and was tired of being alone, but also afraid of being hurt again. When I first heard of hypnosis and  thought I'd give it a try. After just the first session, I felt empowered, and felt in control of my life . Hypnosis helped increase my self esteem and help me make positive changes in my life.

– Donna Brennan
Brampton. Ontario.

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