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All sessions begin with an intake where you give as much information as you can regarding the issue you are seeking hypnosis for. The sessions are catered to how your mind thinks. I will explain hypnosis and how the mind works. You will get to understand the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind. You will then go through a relaxation process and a hypnosis session. Using the power of suggestion, change is created within your subconscious mind. You can also share whatever you would like to have added to the suggestions. Whatever you want. Everyone is different. Each session unique. The suggestions are always positive and benefit you in the best way possible.

Cost $120

There are also package prices for 5 or more sessions. Please call for rates.

If for any reason there is a financial issue, do let us know. We will do whatever is possible to accomodate you.

One Session

This session lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. During the intake you share your history regarding smoking. Why do you want to quit Now? It has been said that each cigarette takes 15 minutes  out of your life. You can now add 15minutes back to your life for each cigarette you don't smoke. This accumulates to days, weeks, months and years of improved health and vitality. You quit smoking, remain slim and healthy. Depending on your desire to stop smoking, this one session is all that is required for you to quit for life.  The success rate is 95%.

Cost $250

Following Sessions to Quit Smoking

After a Quit Smoking hypnosis session you may fall in either of these categories:

First category -You quit easily, no urges, no cravings.

Second category -You have a thought or an urge but it fades away quickly

Third category -You have a mind battle you are fighting temptation to light up.

If you are in the third category you may need a reinforcement session. During this hypnosis session the positive suggestions are repeated.  A free CD will be also given to you to take home. This is for you to keep and listen to whenever you like.

Cost $150


Weight gain is 90% emotional. There are many reasons why you eat more than you should. You could be eating out of boredom, eating when stressed or eating when in the company of other people.
The price of weight loss sessions vary. Please call or email for rates

Sessions are available:
Monday through Friday: 11am to 7pm
Sundays: 12noon - 8pm
Phone: 905-677-3011
                416-428-6463 (MIND)

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