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Hypnosis for Teenagers

Teenagers respond to hypnosis treatments very successfully. They are open and receptive to positive suggestions and changes can take place easily and effectively.  The concept is for them to realise their inner strengths and potential. To bring about a belief within themselves how truly amazing they are. To overcome their challenges and empower themselves to be the best that they can be.

Learn the secret of how geniuses, greatest achievers and thinkers have used their minds. This is the most effective method of mind training available today. Solve problems, accelerate learning and enhance your memory. Bring about high self esteem and have soaring self confidence.


Improve Study Skills

Increase Performance in School

Overcome Exam Anxiety

Eliminate Stress

Boost Memory

Stop the Habit of Lying

Eliminate Drug and Substance Abuse

Quit Smoking

Overcome Compulsive Stealing

End Anger and Frustration

Weight loss

Please feel free to call and ask if a particular issue is not listed. I would be honoured to assist you in any way I can.
Success Story

I am a high school student and suffer from anxiety, and was extremely stressed for my upcoming exams. I was a bit sceptical if hypnosis would help me, but at this point I was desperate. Sofana helped me visualize exactly how I wanted my exam to go. She then went over some memory techniques, and gave me a few tricks on how to stay relaxed. At the end of the session, I had an overall sense of calm, and was not worried at all. The next day was the exam, and as I went over my notes, I realized I was remembering everything! I felt prepared and confident.  And when time came to take the exam, I was in disbelief at how easy everything was! But not only that, the exam went EXACTLY how I visualized it! Right down to the questions I had pictured to be on the test! And as I was taking it, my anxiety was replaced by a sense of peace and serenity. I was not stressed at all! I couldn't believe how well it all went, and I ended up getting one of the top marks in the class! Everyone was asking me how I managed to do so well on such a hard exam, but I just smiled and said, it's a study secret. ;)
Top of my class!
Brampton Ontario

A growing epidemic in Canada
35% of boys are overweight in Canada
29% of girls are overweight in Canada
17% of boys are obese in Canada
15% of girls are obese in Canada
42% to 63% of obese school-aged children/teens will become obese adults

If you have  a teenager with a weight problem, please  read this

Your teenager is establishing eating habits, self esteem issues and destructive beliefs about their body now... that could last a lifetime.

 Unless you help them.

With hypnotherapy, you teenager will learn how to let go of  emotional pain that causes them to overeat. He/she will understand how the subconscious mind  controls the desire for food. In a supportive, warm and caring environment your teen can build self esteem and acceptance of their body and feel powerful and in control. Positive change happen from within.

This may be the greatest gift you can give to your teenager

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ILLNESS NOW! BE PAIN FREE! Use your thoughts to turn your sickness into health
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