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Hypnosis for Hoarders

There are literally millions of people that are termed as hoarders, and even more fall into the category of clutters. This behaviour could become life threatening. As well affect  self image, health and living conditions. Legal issues and financial issues are some of the challenges hoarders also face.  If you are a hoarder or you know someone who is, know that hypnosis can help.

With Hypnotherapy and NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) it is possible to get to the root cause of hoarding. A behaviour that has been learned and has become a way of life for a person can be changed and "unlearned". The hoarder during sessions will have an opportunity to release this need. There is a reason why hoarding is taking place. Perhaps it makes the hoarder feel secure, or gives purpose to life, or helps to overcome boredom. Whatever the reason may be, hoarding is something that is personal.

The hypnotherapy sessions are non judgemental, with utmost sensitivity, empathy, understanding and gentleness. The hoarder in time will see things differently and give permission himself/herself to let go of this safely.  With a different perspective and encouragement, the behavioural pattern is changed to accommodate a more positive action. Self esteem and self image improves and the hoarder feels better about himself/herself overall.

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