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Quit Smoking Now!

With hypnosis you can become a non smoker easily. Lose the urge and put down your cigarettes. Be free!  No irritability, stop any cravings in a matter of moments. Hypnosis allows you to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind to change the pattern of thought. You will eliminate all reasons and excuses to smoke and instead form a more positive habit that will benefit you.

Why does hypnosis work so well for smoking cessation?

The answer is really simple. Smoking is actually a habit and all habits are locked in the subconscious mind. Even though you say it is addictive, this thought pattern is getting you to light up  as part of your daily schedule or at certain times of day.

Anything we do repeatedly becomes a habit. Smoking, over eating, nail biting and so on. These habits are performed unconsciously, that is we don’t really think about it when it is happening. Hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind to change the pattern of thought.
However, unlike many other habits, for a successful 'stop smoking' program, we need to know a couple of things ahead of time.

First, on a scale of 1 - 10 (with 10 being the highest) how much do you really want to quit? Hypnotists need to hear at least 8, otherwise it won't work. Not even hypnosis can get you to change a habit you don't want to change!
 Other considerations are how much you smoke in a day, your personal triggers for smoking, and whether you want to quit immediately or take your time over three or four weeks.
Everyone is unique, and  every smoking habit is different, each client  needs to be treated differently and respectfully. A customized smoking cessation process coupled with the understanding and cooperation of the client and hypnotherapist results in success about 95% of the time. Success means you receive the gift of being smoke-free for life!

So, if you really have a strong desire to quit, make that appointment now. This is the moment that changes your life.

You are precious and deserve the best

Success Stories

IOn November 16,2008 I met Sofana for the first of two sessions to help me quit smoking. I had been a pretty heavy smoker for about 33 years. During those years I made many attempts to quit. My most recent efforts were in 2001 with Zyban. I was on Zyban for 5 months and managed to cut down to 5 cigarettes per day until I was faced with a particularly challenging situation and found myself back up to a full pack within a few days. When I tried it again after a few months later the medication had no effect. Then in 2005, I thought that training for a marathon could be just the motivation I needed to quit. I would want to run to the finish line a healthy non smoker. Didn't happen, I did manage to crawl to the finish but the best I could do was to cut back to 12 a day. Within the week I was back up to a full pack again. Now 2 months after our first session with Sofana I am still smoke free. It's a small miracle! Thank you, Sofana!

– Marie de Sousa
Toronto. Ontario

I used to chew tobacco. My health as well as my social life was being affected. I thought hypnosis would help. Sofana got me to get rid of this habit very quickly!

– Zach R.
Toronto. Ontario

I have tried to quit smoking many a times, some successful some not, but have always had the urge to go back to smoking taunting me from within. It usually won and I went back to smoking. I heard many stories about Hypnotherapy and happened to come across Sofana Kassam , Master Hypnotherapist and decided to give it a try. To my amazement, and to others close to me, I have QUIT SMOKING. Not only quit but quit with a calmness and relaxed feeling never before felt by myself or by others around me. I was not aggressive, angry, or had the feeling of edginess that one would have after five espresso's. I am calm and no back of the mind feeling to give smoking a try. So far it has only been a week with no smoking, but there is no thought in my vision to ever take up smoking again. Thank you Sofana for taking the time to hear me and help me with my concern. I will always remember that you have helped me QUIT SMOKING.

– Paul Bucchanan
Brampton. Ontario

We came to see Sofana as a couple to both quit smoking for health reasons. She saw us one at a time while we waited for each other. It was remarkable, it look one afternoon. We encouraged each other as the days went on. One session each and we are still both smoke free! Wow! It's amazing!

– The Smiths
Orangeville. Ontario

I quit cold turkey few years ago but recently went back to smoking a pack a day. That's when I decided to try hypnosis. It's been 1 month since I've seen Sofana and am still not smoking and best of all I have no urges. Thank you for making me believe I could do it!

– P. Hughes.
Milton. Ontario


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