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Success! Prosperity and Confidence

LET GO OF LIMITING BELIEFS... BE CONFIDENT, WEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL. Overcome your fears of public speaking, be more focused, improve your memory, or make more money. Whatever you choose.  

Is there a part of you that wants results and yet you sometimes you find that you are sabotaging your progress?  Or no matter how hard you try, you are unable to achieve what you are aiming for?

You are capable of greatness!

Your unconscious mind is performing a trillion functions per second, it is an intelligence that runs through you. Tap into this powerful resource and overcome any challenge that comes your way. Be aware that you create your life through your thoughts. You have skills, talents and creative abilities that are unique to you. Believe in yourself and make life happen for you, manifest only what you want not what you don't want.
Hypnosis works with you from the inside out, to reprogram the way you think, to let go of previous beliefs of the past, so that success is achievable without the struggle. Step outside your comfort zone and know that all is possible!

Simple changes, big difference

Do you know how amazing you are? No matter the challenge, you can make profound changes easily and effectively. Change your thoughts...change your life.

The purpose of Life isn't about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

Success Stories

I had a fear of public speaking and would be most anxious when I had to speak to a gathering of people. Now it's all changed, I am comfortable around people and in meetings. You were a great help Sofana. Thank you.

– P. L.
Kitchener. Ontario

I started seeing Sofana back in July 2010 for self confidence issues and instantly we sparked a connection. Immediately, I fell in love with her joyous loving spirit. The issues I was dealing with were a lack of confidence which was coming from my music career going off course and I kept hitting dead ends which weighed on my esteem even more. My situation was getting so desperate that I couldn't even sing a note or have the desire to listen to music because it hurt too much that things weren't going as I had planned. Music has always been my first love so this was very devastating and out of character for me. I was implored with strong feelings of self-rejection and and not wanting to pursue music out of my fear of failure. After my sessions with Sofana I have not only built up my courage and desire to pursue music again but I also feel hope, invincible and very certain about my talent and have a positive outlook on life altogether. I also worked on wealth attraction with Sofana and I am more than convinced that the money flow that keeps coming to me is a product of our sessions together. I was laid off in July and have more money now than I did when I was working. I am so grateful to have met Sofana for not only helping me through a very tough period but also gaining a genuine friend who really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed and be happy. Moreover, I have recommended her to some friends who also feel the same. Sofana is a gem of a person and I feel blessed to have met her.

– P. Nayar
Mississauga. Ontario.

Without a doubt that the decision to try hypnosis was the best one I made. It changed me in such a positive way and so worth it. In the beginning I didn't think anything was going to happen but I actually received the promotion I wanted and increased my income 120%! Sometimes I cannot believe it myself!

– Leonard W.
Port Credit. Ontario.

Sofana helped me overcome anger and frustration. Today, even under stressful conditions at the office, I feel in control and am able to handle situations calmly.  Changing my perspective, I am now able to put a positive spin on any negative situation.

– Peter M.
Barrie. Ontario

I wasn't satisfied with my income and wanted to make more money.  During our sessions Sofana taught me some techniques to use in the workplace. My sales were increasing and finally I was heading in the right direction. Changes at my work place just started to happen!  I actually look forward to going to work now. What a difference!

– T.C.
Toronto. Ontario.


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