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Hypnotherapy for Treatment - Mind Over Cancer, Illness and Pain

Research has shown that harbouring negative emotions in the mind and body is one of the major causes of psychosomatic illnesses today. It is possible that past trauma, anger, resentment, sadness, regret, guilt and other negative emotions which  have not been resolved are embedded deep in our subconscious memories, causing an imbalance in the body which could manifest as illness and chronic pain.

This program allows you to bring would bring about a  new refreshing, holistic approach to healing through your mind. Each session is dealt with empathy, compassion, caring and understanding.  These sessions are known to cause a positive shift within you and can turn your health around dramatically!

Note: Through various studies,  research has shown that hypnotherapy can have tremendous benefits to those requiring hospital care and especially for patients before and after surgery. The healing times for those who undergo some form of relaxation and hypnotherapy before surgery is minimized, patients feel more in control and less stressed and this assists in overall healing of the body.

Success Stories

I had breast cancer and now left with no choice but to undergo a mastectomy. I was very emotional, anxious and worried. Not sure what to do I decided to see Sofana. She was very gentle and understanding in her approach and helped me prepare for this.  Sofana helped me see the positive on such a negative situation. On the day of surgery, I was surprisingly calm during the entire process.  The surgery was successful and I recovered sooner than expected.  I was so glad I saw Sofana before my surgery it made a huge difference.  I recommend her for her services.

– Eileen S.
Toronto. Ontario

My body was producing too much iron and this was serious as it could cause my organs to shut down over a period of time. I had to have blood transfusions every two weeks but I had a fear of needles and would have done anything to avoid this. Whenever the nurses would get the needle ready I would cry and really protest! I couldn't go through this every two weeks and was dreading it each time.  I contacted Sofana and in 2 sessions I was no longer afraid of needles. The nurses were so surprised! They asked me why I wasn't complaining and  making a fuss. I said "I went to see a hypnotist!"   Sofana then worked on bringing about balance of iron in my body. When I went for a check up the doctor could not believe it.  He said in all his years of practice he has never seen anything like it and called it  a medical miracle! The iron was normal. 
Sofana , it was incredible how you brought health and balance in my body so quickly.
 I have no words to thank you

– Alexia Warden
Mississauga. Ontario.

My experience with Sofana was amazing. This was the first time I had tried to be hypnotized but felt confident that it would work for me, as my mom quit smoking using hypnosis after only one session. This was a miracle to me, as my mother smoked for 30 years, and tried everything to quit. And to just quit, after one session, I was a believer! I met for three hypnosis sessions with Sofana, all within a week of my delivery date. Sofana helped me to understand how hypnosis is a powerful tool for pain management. I wanted to have a relaxing, self managed labour. I had a lot of fears from my first birth, as I was induced with a vacuum delivery that was extremely painful and left me determined to have a better birth experience. Throughout the three sessions, Sofana and I worked on my fears, including pain management throughout labour. I was able to use my own hand to touch my stomach, and say 'no pain' and literally the pain from the contractions would vanish. Throughout my contractions, I was able to drift to my 'happy place', where I was having a wonderful day in the ocean, instead of thinking about my contractions. I actually stayed at home until contractions were only 2 minutes apart. My dear husband even had an afternoon nap as I laboured in a quiet space with a candle burning and deep in relaxation mode. When I did arrive at the hospital, they announced that I was already 10 c.m. dilated! This was incredible as I accomplished what I set out to do!
In addition to pain management, Sofana and I worked on my concerns over breast feeding. I was not able to breast feed my first born, and I wanted to so badly. I worked to envision the baby latching on and connecting with my baby. Well, my baby and I have had a wonderful experience with breast feeding! We've had no problems, with is amazing considering my previous experience. I know that your mind is so powerful and when you think positive thoughts, you can make things happen. Sofana gave me that confidence to believe and understand the power that I have within me.
Sofana was so kind and listened to everything I had to say. She worked with me to give me an incredible birth experience. I highly recommend using hypnosis with Sofana. She helped me more than words can say.

– L. Dawn
Mississauga. Ontario

It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I loved it!
Sofana Kassam helped both me and my daughter tremendously. She is a great councillor and hypnotherapist. She created instant rapport and it was very easy to talk to her. My daughter was suffering from migraines for 5 years - trying preventive medication and psychotherapy with no result. After only 7 sessions my daughter is headache free and going to school every day. Sofana also helped me to get control over my life, to be a strong and confident person and enjoy life every day.

– Margaret Medina
Mississauga. Ontario

Hypnosis in the news

Hypnosis before breast cancer surgery spares women pain: study

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Canadian Press

Women who undergo hypnosis just before breast cancer surgery need less anesthetic, and experience lower levels of pain and other side-effects following the surgery, a study suggests.

Patients who had a hypnosis session with a psychologist an hour before surgery spent less time in the operating room – about 11 minutes, on average – resulting in significant cost savings, mainly due to reduced operating time, the research shows.

"Breast cancer patients are a population in need," lead author Guy Montgomery, a clinical psychologist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, said Tuesday from New York. "They're going through a lot both from a psychological perspective as well as a physical perspective from the surgery itself."

Patients who underwent hypnosis at discharge had less pain intensity, nausea, fatigue and discomfort, and were less emotionally upset about the whole experience, Montgomery said of those who were hypnotized.

Pre-surgery hypnosis focuses attention

To conduct the study, published online Tuesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 200 women scheduled for surgical breast biopsy or lumpectomy were randomly assigned to have either a 15-minute session of hypnosis or a short period of empathetic listening with a psychologist.

Those assigned to hypnosis were first reassured about the so-called mesmerizing technique, with psychologists debunking myths about hypnosis popularized in movies and television, said Montgomery, director of the Integrative Behavioural Medicine Program at Mount Sinai.

"We explain that hypnosis is not mind control; you're not going to be asked to do anything embarrassing," said Montgomery. "It's not like taking a powerful drug that leaves you zonked out. It's more like focused attention, focused concentration, where you're able to let yourself relax and you're the person in charge."
Once hypnotized, suggestions were made specifically related to recovery from surgery.
The patients experienced reduced side-effects, spent less time in hospital recovering, while less time in the operating room resulted in an average saving to a hospital of $773 US per patient, the study found.

"The most important point is this is an easy thing we can do for patients; it saves institutions money, so basically it's a win-win," said Montgomery. "We can reduce side-effects of surgery without using basically any health-care dollar resources. It pays for itself."

Dr. May Lynn Quan, a breast surgical oncologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, called pre-op hypnosis a "very novel idea.

"We're always looking for ways to improve the patient experience, and if we can do it without using drugs and without the purchase of an expensive piece of equipment or whatever, that's really exciting."

© The Canadian Press, 2007

The most reliable cancer treatment information

What is the evidence?

Many reports demonstrate that hypnosis can help patients reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. Hypnosis can create relaxing brain wave patterns, although reports on how much it helps to change behaviors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and overeating are mixed.

Hypnosis can be used by therapists as a tool to help eliminate phobias or decrease their strength. Research has also shown that hypnosis can help reduce anticipatory nausea and vomiting.

 According to a report from the National Institute of Hypnosis (NIH) there is evidence that hypnosis can help reduce some kinds of cancer pain. In 2006, researchers reviewed studies of children with cancer and found that hypnosis appeared to help reduce pain and distress from medical procedures. In one study published in 2008, giving breast cancer patients a brief hypnosis session before surgery reduced the pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, emotional upset, and cost of the procedure.

Another NIH report, which reviewed several scientific studies, showed that women under hypnosis before childbirth had shorter labors and more comfortable deliveries. According to the report, hypnosis may also enhance the immune system. The report looked at one study that found that hypnosis raised the levels of immunoglobulin (an important part of the immune system) in healthy children. Another study found that self-hypnosis led to an increase in white blood cell activity. The NIH report also looked at twelve different controlled studies: One showed that hypnosis reduced the intensity or frequency of migraine headaches in children and teenagers. Another study on chronically ill patients found a 113 percent increase in pain tolerance among highly hypnotizable subjects versus those who were not hypnotized. According to the NIH report, the reasons why hypnosis causes these changes are not well-understood.


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