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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Hypnosis

There are many people who have heard of the wonderful results accomplished through Hypnosis and feel it could be helpful to them.

Generally, people are afraid of Hypnosis because of the misinformation acquired over the years from television, movies or stage shows. The average person has a misconception of what Hypnosis is and what can be accomplished through Hypnosis.

Many people have heard or read how the average person uses only a small percentage of their mental abilities. This statement is true.  With Hypnosis, a person can rapidly begin to use more of their own mind for personal development and to accomplish many goals.

With Hypnosis amazing changes happen!

  How do I know that I can be hypnotized?  

Thousands of people in both group and private sessions have been hypnotized and if you wish to - You can be! You can change your life by your intention. What is it that you really want?

  What does Hypnosis feel like?  

You will feel totally relaxed and comfortable and emerge feeling energized and refreshed. You will probably want to experience this state of relaxation for yourself whenever you get a chance. It feels rejuvenating and is an excellent way to release stress

  What makes hypnosis different from other methods of alternative therapy?  

Hypnosis can help you create change by using positive suggestions to your subconscious mind changing your pattern of thought. Your thoughts create the changes desired.

  Are weak minded people easier to Hypnotize?  

No. In fact, it is usually found that stronger-minded and strong willed persons who want to be hypnotized achieve excellent results from Hypnosis.

Change your thoughts...Change your life

  Will I lose control?  

No! This is a common myth about Hypnosis. You will always be in total control. You will not say or do anything that you will not normally do, or say anything you rather not say.

  Will I hear everything?  

Yes, you are not asleep. You will hear everything just as you normally do. In fact your senses may be come heightened.



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